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Timeo Mtenga is my name and I am a medical practitioner with expertise in medical and clinical trial research. I have helped people who are overweight and obese to achieve and maintain a healthy weight by providing them with researched and scientifically proven information or techniques.

The mission for this website.

The main objective of this website is to help you get a healthy life. You can get unique advice and techniques for losing weight, yet updated and researched information about the healthy weight on this website mybesiweightlossremedies.com.

When you follow the lessons and strategies of this blog, you will definitely change your body weight and life greatly.

Experience with clients

In order to give you an idea, I have been helping many people since my beginning in the medical profession. I first started with very few people in my neighborhood then the demand grew and I expanded my services to help many people.

Using traditional medical practice, a lot of people struggled to lose their weight, so it was not easy when I was starting. You should agree with me that people are different and they react to the same weight loss technique differently.

Thus when I began to explore other possibilities and found various techniques and knowledge. So I have isolated and come up with the best and most successful weight loss techniques for most people. You’re very lucky, I think, as this website gives you these techniques and knowledge.

The goal of this website

To this page, healthy living is at the forefront. Health is more than wealth; everything you need to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy your quality of life is given to you. All in your comfort zone as you click your mouse. The website is easy to use for all, and no previous knowledge or experience is needed to use this website.

Sometimes I’ll recommend items for use, these are the ones that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be the best. Those are the things I use and also recommend to my family and friends. I ignore non-standard goods that I know can have adverse effects on your health despite any financial benefits attached.

I’m letting my readers know I’m learning too, but I love sharing stuff as I discover it. I have always learned something new every day since I discovered this online education.

You are going to be shocked at what you’re going to learn using this website. All my blogs are on the home page with the latest one on top, but all the blogs are equally important and will change you one way or the other.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please leave them below and I’m more than happy to help you.

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